Do you offer Free Shipping?

We ship for FREE on all orders over $50. Plus, we now offer $5 shipping on orders between $25 and $49.99. If an order is below $25, we use carrier-calculated shipping - this means the shipping cost will be determined by how much product you buy and where you are located.

  • < $25 = Carrier calculated shipping
  • $25 to $49.99 = $5 Flat Shipping
  • > $50 = FREE Shipping

Free Shipping Tip:
If close to $50, be sure to stock up and save!

Like to learn a little more about our shipping?
We've worked really hard to keep shipping costs as lean as possible. Most sites online have higher minimums for free or reduced shipping. If you thinking of Amazon Prime, just consider that you are paying an annual fee, plus, they do adjust pricing to accommodate for shipping on many products. That's why our prices can still be among the best online. We work to reduce the number of steps from manufacturer to your door. We've also created subscription options that allow you to stock up and save on the frequency you need so you don't ever have to pay shipping.

Shipping hack idea...
If you're like some of our customers, you may not need to order much at a time. Thus, you can either stock up and save or you can consider splitting an order with a friend. It's easy today to share funds - with apps like Venmo. Thus, place a joint order and split the cost. That way neither of you have any shipping costs.

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