Good Grains is Saying Goodbye

 Good Grains Family,

Well, today we have a tough announcement – over the next month, we will be officially closing Good Grains and Fund Flakes. It’s been a wild, challenging, wonderful three-year ride.

In 2016, we set out with a simple mission: to deliver health and happiness to our communities and beyond. On that front, we’re chalking up Good Grains as a big success. Through our products and fundraisers, we’ve helped countless families start their days better by eating healthier, tasty food. And we’ve been able to deliver some truly life-changing items to people who needed them – gluten-free, diabetic-friendly, and otherwise.

Over the course of our work, we’ve built relationships and made some great friends – incredible customers, hard-working partners, Fund Flakes Captains, teachers and school administrators, and many more. It’s been a pleasure to interact with so many smart, passionate, good-hearted people, all doing their best on a daily basis to help improve the lives of others. The food industry and food science are at an interesting moment in time. It’s been encouraging to know there are so many folks out there working diligently to deliver products you can trust.

We just can’t be one of them any longer.

Starting today, we will begin winding down our operation. Good Grains isn’t closing overnight – we still have some items we’d like to offer (at a discount) for those who’d like them, and we will ensure every customer who has placed an order receives it right on time. But we’ll begin taking things off the website, and we’ll no longer offer subscriptions (since no one would be around to fulfill them!). To the last day, Good Grains will do its best to do it right.

Business is tough! Ask anybody. We always knew it was just a little crazy to sell cereal online – the margin is minor, and you still have the same logistic challenges as any other, pricier product (shipping and advertising costs, mainly). We’ve done a little bit of everything over three years to break the math in our favor, but we couldn’t quite get there fast enough. The one thing we said we’d never do is inflate our prices or overhype our products. We didn’t want to sell a $9 box of fancy flakes, just to make a buck. We do real health and happiness. That’s our deal.

Thank you for joining us on the journey. We’ll update you as we have firmer closing dates. For now, please enjoy the discounts that will be all over the website. Feel free to share them, too.


The Good Grains Team

PS: For all our StaySteady fans, know that you’ll still be able to purchase StaySteady cereal on, Amazon, and We'll be adding some additional multi-packs on those sites. #cerealforever

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