How do I use discount codes?

We offer various discount codes on

Most commonly they are acquired by playing a game on our site, through our Newsletter email, or by redeeming Crispy Coins. We also run specials or specific offers that are good for that day or a specific period only. If you'd like to receive special discounts, be sure to sign up for our newsletter- see the bottom right of to enter your email.

How are discount codes applied?:

Discount codes can be either manually entered during checkout in the discount code field, or they can be automatically entered for you if you clicked a special discount code link. In either case, you will see the code in the discount code field in checkout.

How many can I use?:

Our discounts can be redeemed one at a time, meaning they can not be combined. You can always save the code and use at a later time. Please note that offers for a specific day can not be saved for a later date - thus it's best to use those on that day and save others for later.

Shipping costs and discounts:

The discount is taken off of the subtotal of the order. If a discount drops your total below a shipping threshold for discounted or free shipping, then we recommend you add items to get above the threshold. You'll still receive the total discount savings and you'll get the discounted shipping or free shipping too.

Types of discount codes we offer:

  • percentage off
  • dollar amount off
  • free shipping
  • buy one get one at a discount or for free

Since we work to keep our costs as lean as possible, our discounts are promotions meant to help you try our items and reward you for loyalty. We're in it for the long term - hoping to create a lasting relationship with you, our customer. We've worked hard to reduce shipping costs to low thresholds and to provide a great mix of options at our standard retail prices. We only grow if we keep happy customers who share with others. Thus, we sincerely appreciate your referrals and your continued business.

Please let us know if you have any questions at all about our pricing, discounts, or anything else for that matter. We're happy to help and want to ensure your satisfaction.

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